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Allyssa Victory (born Villanueva) was raised in North Oakland and has since lived in every district of Oakland and overcome homelessness as a youth. Allyssa has devoted her entire career to advocacy on behalf of the public interest and underserved communities starting with clothing and food distribution with her West Oakland church and as a social justice student organizer with Oakland’s Youth Together. Allyssa is a civil rights leader, educator, and licensed attorney serving across the Bay Area and state of California. Allyssa holds a B.A. with honors in Ethnic Studies and minor in Black Studies as well as J.D. concentrated in Government Law. Allyssa currently practices in policing and labor law and is an elected ADEM Delegate to the CA Democratic Party for Assembly District 18. Allyssa recently defended our democracy by successfully fighting her illegal disqualification from the ballot. Allyssa will be the first Black woman elected to Mayor of Oakland.

~ Campaign Poster projected on Grand Ave. at Oakland’s First Friday Festival on November 2, 2021 ~

Committee to Elect Allyssa Victory to Oakland Mayor 2022 FPPC #1439739